The Impossible Future

A series about the problems that will define our future on Earth, with a focus on the solutions.

Format: 10 episodes x 13 min.

In addition to an unprecedented ecological and social crisis, humanity faces a crisis of collective imagination. We struggle to envision an optimistic future.
Almost everything we do is harming the planet in one way or another. But with regenerative design, we can transform our products, systems, and way of life to coexist with nature instead of working against it.
Climate change is the greatest collective threat humanity faces. However, the truth is that we can not only stop it but even reverse it, creating abundance for all species.
The globalization of the 20th century brought comfort enjoyed by millions of people, but at the cost of destroying ecosystems, economies, and local cultures. The 21st century leads us to produce much closer to home, taking care of the environment, and empowering the local community.
The way we produce our food is wreaking havoc on the health of people and ecosystems. However, there is a large global decentralized movement that is changing the world through food.
Our economies are based on the need for infinite growth. But the planet is finite, and continuing to grow leads us to collapse. Fortunately, there are many ideas to redesign the system.
Robots and artificial intelligence will soon take over the majority of our current jobs. It sounds terrible, but it can also be a great opportunity.
In the Internet era, a few multinational corporations centralize information, sell our data, and hack democracy. But the Internet also gives us the power to create a truly transparent and participatory democratic system.
They say life is a competition where only the strongest survive. However, according to recent science, it’s actually collaboration that increases our chances of survival. It’s time to update our System.
Every day we see thousands of logos and junk images that contaminate our minds, affect our vision, and modify our behavior. That’s why the path to a different future begins right there inside.
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