From coronavirus to a better future

Niños pancarta normal

Suddenly, what we thought was impossible happened. The world as we knew it ended and has turned into an apocalyptic movie.

As the global economy was burning down, we started appreciating things we had taken for granted, with a growing feeling that the reality we had been living in would not ever come back.

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The End of Infinite Growth

In the future, economists will have a different vision of the economy and will measure success differently.

Few ideas unite left-wing and right-wing politicians like that of economic growth. We can debate all we want about how to generate growth and what to do with the money created, but the undisputed fact remains that we must pursue annual growth rates of at least 3% for there to be new money and for the economy to function minimally well. Or so tells us the overwhelming majority of politicians, economists and media outlets.

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The Aesthetics of The Impossible Future

We decided to make an animated documentary about our future. Why animation? Because it is what we know best, and because it seemed to us like a good way of presenting groundbreaking ideas that are only known in certain circles to a broader audience, turning complex concepts into stories anyone can relate to.

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